Chaos Cooking with Claire: The Threequel

The roommates!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Online school and National Student Advertising Competition deadlines have taken away my ability to enjoy being on my computer. After spending 18 hours a day on my laptop for a week straight, it is safe to say the Adobe Suite isn’t calling my name like it normally does. Creativity once funneled into poster design and silly videos is now being redirected into “recipe testing.”

(once again, Bon Appétit I am asking you to hire me). 

Don’t worry, I am not abandoning my art direction dreams. I am simply trying to give my eyes and computer a break. 

Spending more time in the common area of my apartment also means engaging with my roommates more frequently. While we still cook our own individual meals most of the time, recently, we have been sharing food and meals more often. Last night, I made In-N-Out style burgers for the house – yes, that means I made homemade In-N-Out sauce (and no, I do not know if it actually tasted like In-N-Out sauce because I have never been to an In-N-Out but I’d like to imagine it did). A few nights before that, one of my roommates made a homestyle southern meal for us all to enjoy. 

As fun as cooking for each other and eating together is, finding food we all agree on can be difficult. 

Difficult. But not impossible.

With that being said, I would like to share with ya’ll an easy food experience that satisfies my entire house.

What you’ll need:

Cherry tomatoes, whole garlic cloves, olive oil, pesto, parmesan, red pepper flakes, salt, peper, pasta of choice (I used linguine), spinach if you want

Now before you call me out, I know this is very similar to my previous pasta recipe but it’s different. 

I promise. 

Heat a saute pan over medium-high heat, once hot, add olive oil.

Throw a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes into the saute pan and blister them – you essentially want them to burst in the pan.

While you are blistering the tomatoes, go ahead and cook the pasta how you’d like.

Once the tomatoes are blistered, crush a few skinless (that can’t be the right way of saying it but you know what I mean) (I hope) garlic cloves and toss them into the pan still whole. 

Toss in some spinach if you like that and once it’s wilted you are ready to finish assembling your pasta. 

Smash the tomatoes down so more juices can escape (they will still be pretty whole, we just want a more saucy pasta moment than what we would have without doing that). 

Turn the heat down on your pan. 

Add the pasta into the pan (hopefully getting a tablespoon or two of starchy pasta water in there too). 

Then add two large spoonfuls of pesto.

A few shakes of red pepper

Salt and pepper to taste. 

Mix it all together.

And of course, freshly grated parmesan to top. 

The best part? That only took, like, 12 minutes tops. 

Well, that’s partly a lie. 

The best part is getting to sit down at the dinner table with my roommates to talk and laugh and have them undoubtedly praise me for my incredible culinary skills. 

And in case you were worried about connecting through food starting and ending at roommate “family dinners,” I am ending this blog with wonderful news to ease that worry. 

Next week, Miranda Veal and I will be baking bread over Zoom and vlogging the entire experience – surely redefining how chaotic a kitchen (or two kitchens connected via the Internet) can be. 

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