It’s the little things that count

I’ve had an incredibly busy, stressful and upsetting week. It feels weird to just write that down without padding it with a crappy joke and an awkward dance move, which is generally how I let people know that I am having a bad time, but I think it’s important to just say it like it is. 

Right now the things I usually enjoy feel like hindrances and every time I have a brief moment to myself I find myself focusing on the bad. For that reason, I’d like to use this blog to make me focus on the good. 

So without further ado, here are some things this week that made me smile:

  • Two of my friends, who are also my National Student Advertising Competition teammates, stayed with me until 2am to help mockup some ads. We all sat around my computer and moved things pixel by pixel until we had something we could present to our Professor. Technically, I was the one responsible for getting it done but they wouldn’t let me stay and struggle alone and that really warmed my heart. So shoutout Alicia and Blaine.
  • At risk of coming off as materialistic, I got a new pair of tennis shoes and it got me pretty excited. I love the Adidas Ultraboosts but they are too expensive for me to comfortably afford them regularly, however by chance, they were 50% off and they shipped quickly. My feet will now be far more comfortable when I run and there is nothing quite like a pair of clean tennis shoes. 
  • One of my professor’s, Dana McMahan, organized a career week for all of her students (and anyone else who was interested). I went to a small group networking dinner but was stressed out about it putting me behind in some work. But the people of EP+Co were so kind and easy to talk to that I managed to completely forget about my worries and just enjoy meeting new people.
  • I cooked a frittata and for the first time ever actually made a full dinner in thirty minutes. Normally I drag cooking out but it was nice to go from ingredients to eating in exactly half an hour. 
  • I ate a Merritt’s BLT. For anyone who has ever been to Merritt’s, why this made me smile should be self-explanatory. For anyone who hasn’t been to Merritt’s, go. If you ever find yourself in Chapel Hill, please go have a sandwich at Merritt’s. I promise you won’t regret it.
  • My brother sent me really cute videos of his dog. 
Meet Chewbacca the German Shepherd
  •  Claire Safftiz didn’t even get stressed out in her “Gourmet Makes” episode this week. As someone who has definitely said, “I would die for Claire from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen,” too many times to count, this was immeasurably exciting.

There you have it, the small things that made me smile amidst a week of desperately trying and, to be completely honest, failing to meet deadlines, stay creative and take care of myself. 

Life will beat you up sometimes but taking a moment to focus on the good, no matter how small, can help you pull yourself out of a downward spiral, even just for a moment. It’s kinda like meditating for the people who haven’t quite managed to nail down meditating.

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